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Immigration policy

Illegal immigrants promised that their identity will not be revealed to the State if they vaccinate

Everytime when we hear about the covid19 vaccine, one always have to really think deep because the things that are being done are really questionable. If people are not promised free ticket to watch Bafana Bafana game, they are being promised that they will stant a chance to 3 million if they get vaccinated just before the end of October.

We know that the gorvenment has been on a vaccination drive trying to ensure that as many people as possible get vaccinated. They are really trying every trick in the book to vaccinate people. Since South Africans are not showing signs that they will be getting vaccinated, it appears that illegal immigrants are now being targeted to be vaccinated. As they are undocumented, they are being promised that their details will not be shared with the gorvenment. They have been assured by the Denis Herky Center.

This is indeed an act of desparation to the highest level. We are expected to register and give out our information to the government but they will just get a free pass. One wonders how are they going to get a Covid-19 vaccine certificate since their information won't be shared with gorvenment. This could mean that we are going to have a one for all vaccine certificate.

The Corona Virus Pandemic has really cause problems to our lives. We now stand a very good chance of being forced to take the vaccine and it seems like employers might be able to dismiss an employee who does not want to be vaccinated.

We have also seen with the DBE project of Teacher Assistant and General School Assistant that it might have so been a way of trying to get the youth to vaccinate. We know that it is important that teachers gets vaccinated. There are high possibilities that the school might not consider you because you are not vaccinated. Many of the young people went out to vaccinate just so that they can be on the safer side if the are appointed.

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