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Opinion: Why the EFF and ANC feel threatened by ActionSA

To begin with, the other parties did not explicitly state that they are afraid of ActionSA, but their actions speak volumes, as I will explain further. I am not an ActionSA supporter, but I believe the party is causing the ANC and the EFF sleepless nights.

Personally, I believe Thabo Mbeki was the best president, and despite the fact that the ARVs issue has been used to discredit him, I still admire him for it. I'm sorry that people died as a result of that decision; it was tragic, but the fact that he read books and worked hard to conduct his own research on the ARVS is mind-boggling to me. Presidents are extremely busy, as they must run a country, attend meetings, and travel abroad on occasion, but he took the time to read books to ensure that whatever decision he made would not have a negative impact on South African HIV/AIDS patients. Which president would take the time to read books and learn about any disease? about any vaccination at least?

The article is not about Mbeki, but I'll use him to illustrate my point: there was no load-shedding, and the unemployment rate was at its lowest in 2008 before Mbeki was ousted. Mbeki, by the way, brought us the FIFA World Cup, which he had planned since 2004. I'm attempting to paint a clear picture of the ANC, which we adored and enthusiastically supported. Now that Zuma has messed everything up, people have lost faith in the ANC as a result of state capture, empty promises, and corruption. Now, I can't lie and say Ramaphosa isn't a good president because he is, he is a great leader, and he is working very hard to clean up Zuma's mess.

I won't even bring up the DA because the fact that black people are constantly being kicked out of the party paints a very negative picture. Herman Mashaba, Mmusi Maimane, Phumzile Van Damme, and Lindiwe Mazibuko are all excellent leaders, but the DA is the DA.

Why is the ANC worried?

They never said they are, but I believe they are because South Africans are confused, emotionally blinded, and unable to see the work that Ramaphosa is doing. Ramaphosi is working hard to eradicate corruption, and the more skeletons that emerge, the more people believe that the ANC is not the party for them to vote for. They forget that the reason so many ANC politicians are being suspended from the party and prosecuted for corruption is that Ramaphosa is purging the party of deadwood.

So they will undoubtedly feel threatened by ActionSA because the party has no scandals or corruption, and their leader, Herman Mashaba, has a very good track record, having put South Africans first while serving as Mayor of Johannesburg. He is clean, and many people want to help him. As a result, the EFF and ANC will lose some voters to ActionSA.

Why EFF is worried?

Isn't it true that actions speak louder than words? Have you ever wondered why some EFF leaders tweet negative things about ActionSA? Have you ever wondered why some members put their posters over ActionSA's to cover them? This is due to the fact that they recognize ActionSA as a threat to their party. Mashaba is a better leader than Malema, and he is aware of it. Mashaba is calm and strategic, whereas Malema is prone to rage. Malema's speech focuses on the ANC and what the ANC does wrong, whereas Mashaba's speech focuses on how the party will improve South Africans' lives and ensure that foreigners do not do as they please in our country.

Malema is now seen as the representative of foreigners, whereas Mashaba is seen as the representative of South Africans, a reality that must be giving the EFF nightmares.

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