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Here is What You Fail To Apply To Your Skin Adequately Costing You skin disorders

1: Applying a Sheet Mask

You can for this consider using a honey and lemon sheet mask Aloe Vera juice well mixed with few essential oil drops can work best for the sensitive skins. This is a step that should never be avoided as the masks are helpful for both hydrating and nourishing.

2: Apply an Eye Cream

You can consider making your own simple eye cream by simply mixing a tablespoon of cucumber juice, a tablespoon of aloe vera gel and green tea tablespoon infused into coconut oil.

3: Applying a Moisturizer

You can consider using a homemade night cream for this by using almond oil. It is recommended you use a nourishing and thick cream as it is helpful to treat and repair the skin.

4: Apply a Suntan Cream

Considering a suntan cream for those carrying out this routine in the morning is best. Also, you are advised to only use fresh aloe vera if you do this in the morning instead of honey and lemon.

These are the ten Korean skin care routine you should know and try out. It comes along with numerous benefits at large.

Content created and supplied by: DreamConfident (via Opera News )

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