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The Total Number Of Coronavirus Cases Recorded In South Africa Will Sh0ck You

The Outbreak of Corona virus in South Africa was first recorded in March 2020. There have since been many developments in connection with Corona virus

At some point the whole world saw itself in a pandemic. The Corona virus times will often referred to as an event that was unforeseen.

Since the very first case of Corona virus was recorded in South Africa a total of 3,582,691 laboratory-confirmed cases since the outbreak of the virus in March 2020, and 94,265 confirmed fatalities to date.

These statistics only refer to a fraction of the total cases at some individual did not go and get tested. Someday might have not been recorded as fatalities due to Corona virus but they might have been.

Other countries in the world have statistics that I'll even more shocking than the statistics in South Africa. South Africa has done a good job at keeping the number of deaths fairly low.

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