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Foods you can eat to improve your eye health.

Being able to see is one of the greatest things, even though we might not pay much attention to it. There are certain things that can actually affect our sight like poor sleep and long screen time. With that said in this article we will look into some of the foods you should be eating in order to improve your vision, and I must tell you it is not just the famous carrot.

1. Number 1 is definitely carrots. This food is quite accessible and contains vitamin A which is good for your vision.

2. Bell peppers especially the red ones. This can be eaten as a low calorie snack and is full of other nutrients.

3. Water. For better vision your eyes require lubrication to keep them moist and flush out any unwanted particles.

4. Fatty fish. This includes salmon, tuna, herring and mackerel.

5. Leafy greens. This includes kale, spinach, lettuce, collard greens and arugula which are high in vitamin A.

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