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Mzansi left in disbelief after this comes out of baby leg

want to share an experience I had a few days ago. I noticed my son had four boils, one on his head, his chest, his leg and his fingers. They were so small, I assumed they were slight infections and would go away. His doctor recommended an antibiotic cream. You can see the picture of when the thing was still small. Sometimes my son will be shouting "his head, his head" or "his leg". I assumed it was aches that the boil was giving him and I gave him just paracetamol. His teachers also claimed that he usually shouts "my head, my head" in school. On the third day. As I got back from work, I checked the hand and saw that the boil had opened. I saw something like pus. Lo and behold, when I pressed it, a live maggot came out!


"I had this thought as well, with my son 14 years ago and we thought we had got it from a day out at the beach and his walking home in wet doodles. 2 weeks later, something flew out of his big toe, and before that, he had a red, perfect round mound which popped something out. He was fine after that. It healed nicely. He now has a perfect circle on his toe where it was. Maybe that was a sand bug? Yes, me too. I once had it when I was 16 years old. I had it on my bums. I couldn't sit well in the toilet because it was painful and itchy. Sometimes the big one that scared me the most was on my shoulder, where I still have the scar. It was the biggest maggots of them all, and the scar is still on even now. " A Facebook follower said

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