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Disease prevention and treatment

Treat HIV/ Aids with this natural remedy.

This natural cure can be used to treat HIV/AIDS.

Significant! The human immunodeficiency virus does not kill an individual, but rather reduces their ability to resist infection. Toxic diseases can be fatal if they invade an unprotected body.

Conventional medication's ability to prevent HIV infection

Deactivating the HIV infection is aided by treatment. A variety of at-home treatments are available, but they won't get rid of the illness itself. This infection, despite the fact that it can be treated with standard medicine.

A person infected with HIV is exposed to a wide range of microorganisms. Resistance can be maintained at home, assuming the infection progresses gradually, without investing time and money at a medical clinic (aside from fundamental medications).

HIV therapy options for the general public, as well as several techniques for preparing various combinations and decoctions

Treatment of HIV with human remedies is possible, and this also applies to the treatment of associated diseases. Maintaining strict adherence to prescribed guidelines, fixations, dosages, and regular consultations with a skilled practitioner is the most important aspect of using persons medication.

Theraputic Methods for HIV/AIDS

Decoctions and imbuements are the most common preparations for human treatments. Spring water is commonly used for the preparation of implantations and decoctions, whether they are pristine or bubbling. It takes a few hours of hot (not bubbling) water to soften the plant's leaves, roots, or blooms before they may be used. There are distinct culinary properties unique to each plant.

herbal remedy derived from St. John the Baptist

An overview of the qualities, advantages, and potential applications of St. John's Wort

Taking St. John's Wort four times a day is fine. To make a St. John's Wort decoction, follow these steps:

approximately one hundred milliliters of water

Dried cleaved seasonings: 6 tablespoons

oil extracted from ocean buckthorn.

Add St. John's Wort to the bubbling water and simmer for a further 60 minutes. After cooling, the water should be depleted of grass and ocean buckthorn oil should be added to it. For a minimum of two days, this stock should be blended. St. John's Wort decoctions are used to treat bacterial infections. While cooking a large portion, it is possible to cook a smaller portion, such as one teaspoon of dried St. John's Wort for one cup of tea instead. Keep track of the time it takes for the bubbles to form.

Decoction of licorice root

Grow your own Licorice (Glycyrhiza glabra), a tasty, chewy root crop.

To prepare a licorice decoction or combination, follow these steps:

a tablespoon of licorice root that has been cleaved;

a liter of water;

Honey in the amount of three teaspoons.

Is suitable for use while fresh or dried.

Water should be bubbling when the roots of the plant (around 20 grams) are introduced. Stew for about an hour and a half on low heat. After the honey has cooled, open a channel and pour it in. Every meal should begin with a drink.

A flavoring of licorice

Licorice can be used to make both a decoction and a combination. Purchase a licorice root removal (from a drugstore) and add a small amount of booze to make this cocktail (49 teaspoons). A few drops a day is all that is needed.


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