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Covid-19| Level 1 Monday statistics brings huge smiles. Check deaths, new cases and more

It has been months since South Africans have had a taste of freedom from level one of the lockdown. It is commonly known that South Africans have the most freedom of movement and access to various activities at this level. This hasn't happened in a long time because the virus's third wave had South Africa in a tight grip, necessitating a tighter quarantine, but that has changed.

South Africans have become more complacent about what is truly going on in the country with regards of the epidemic since reverting to level 2 of the national lockdown.

According to the most recent numbers from the Department of Health, both the number of cases and the number of persons who died from the virus have decreased significantly. This decline began a few days ago and has now progressed even farther in the previous three days.

The new coronavirus infections in South Africa demonstrate that the virus is still widespread in the country and cannot be ignored. South Africa's only safe statistic is infections of less than 1000, which would indicate that the number of cases is declining every day and that lower levels of lockdowns are on the way.

In the latest 24 hours of testing, South Africa recorded 429 new cases of diseases, showing that the situation in the country remains dire.

The entrance to level one is directly around the bend. It should be remembered that South Africa is said to reduce the level of lockdown if fewer people are dying and the number of cases has decreased. In the previous few days, these requirements have been completely met.

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