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After dropping face masks South Africa records new covid cases and deaths

According to SABCNEWS South Africa has recorded 947 new COVID-19 cases taking total infections to 3 991 003 four new COVID-19-related deaths have been recorded in the past 24-48 hours taking total fatalities to 101 717, I thought as much with masks issue this country cannot be trusted that was the plan after all they just want to reboot this whole corona thing, so they can dish out more lockdowns and not hold them accountable for the recent scandalsCovid is now history to us as we preparing for monkey pox and its hoaxes and if covid is still in the country then Joe Phahla must be demoted because he misled the nation by giving an impression that Covid is gone. It's time to move on now as people know how protect themselves now let each person be responsible for their own protection. We no longer take such thing seriously we used to panic before but at this stage we just want to forget about the pandemic and move forward

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