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The Morning Skeif, How To Kick The Habit And Save Yourself Thousands A Year

Smoking is a bad habit that most youngsters do at some point in their lives, it's sort of like riding a bike for young boys. The smart ones manage to kick the habit before they finish college, some were just not meant to smoke in the first place. This habit is very costly because smoking is sort of like eating because you have to do it everyday. This means that a pack of cigarettes which cost 40 rand at your local store for the big working class Smokers. It also means 20 rand for the poor unemployed people on a daily, that's 600 rand a month for an unemployed person. Well here's some help, let me tell you how to kick the habit.The mind is a powerful tool that you can use to forget about the craving. Keeping busy is a good way to forget, clean around the house and mop the floor, wash the dishes and clothes. You will realize that time flies when you're not thinking about the craving.After washing the dishes go and see non smoking friends, talking helps shift the concentration from smoking to your conversation. If the conversation is enjoyable, you will end up shifting your concentration and forgetting about the craving. It's all in the will power, if you can last 3 days without smoking a single cigarette, then you can quit for life. It's your life and you only live once.

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