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COSATU hits U-turn and now supports the mandatory vaccination decision

COSATU has hit a U-Turn and nolonger stands with the workers who are against mandatory vaccination, instead they now stand with the government on this decision of making vaccination compulsory.

Whilst other unions are not in favour of this, the COSATU says mandatory vaccination is better than losing jobs due to another lockdown and therefore their decision has "evolved".

spokesperson Sizwe Pamla told the news; "Initially our position was 'let's persuade the people to vaccinate'. But the reality is that 2022 will be the third year of living with this deadly pandemic. We do not want another lockdown, we would rather have people forced to vaccinate than have another lockdown."

They have highlighted the fact that the COSATU is against another lockdown because our economy is already weak and devastated. He also added that workers in the health section have paid with their lives because of people who don't want to follow the safety guidelines of preventing and stoping the spread of Covid19.

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Source : News24

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