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Tips for rehabbing a lower back injury.

One of the most debilitating injuries you can sustain is a lower back injury.

Not only because pain in this area can affect just about anything you do (or try to do), but because it is also one of the most difficult injuries to rehabilitate, especially when having a procedure. surgical is necessary. This happens because lifting - one of the essential parts of any workout plan - is usually a no-no with lower back injuries.

But when it comes to lower back difficulties, the main goal of recovery and rehabilitation is to strengthen the areas around the injury, thereby relieving stress from the injured area. And just because you're limited in your lifting, that often means much lighter weights, not total restriction.

Here are some simple exercises that will go a long way in improving your lower back and, therefore, your overall outlook on life: Walking - It sounds simple, but walking builds muscles in the legs, obviously, including the hamstring and thigh muscles that are often affected by lower back injuries. Twenty minutes on the treadmill, or an easy mile-long jaunt through the neighborhood is a good place to start.

Cycling - This will also benefit the legs, as long as the rider is careful not to bend the hips too much.

Swimming - Another low impact way to strengthen the lower body is swimming, especially standing in water up to the chest and simulating running motion with the water serving as resistance.

Band Work With Arms - Again, like water in a swimming pool, bands will provide low level resistance, and there are exercises you can do right in your living room for your upper and lower body that will help build strength around your injured area.

For your upper body, all you need is a band, tied around a doorknob. Stand to the side with your knees bent slightly, holding the tape around your waist with both hands. With your face facing the door and making sure your spine is still, do a series of pull-ups in each direction.

Then sit in a chair facing the door about five feet away with your back straight, and pull on the tape with both hands, trying to feel your elbows touching behind your back. Bandage work with legs.

As with the hands, shape is important. If you have a back brace, wear it to ensure proper positioning. Tie one end of the tape to something sturdy and low to the ground, such as a table leg, and the other end to loop around your ankle. A set of four simple exercises is a good starting point for strengthening both the legs and the hip area.

These should be done in one rotation, with three sets of 10s on one leg, then switch to the other leg. For the right leg, slide the ring around the right ankle.

1: With your left leg closer to the anchor (band tied around the table leg), hold your left arm out and extend your right leg to the side;

2: Facing the opposite direction to No. 1, bring your right leg through your body;

3. Facing the anchor, pull the right leg back;

4. Turning away from the anchor, bring your right leg forward, keeping the knee straight.

Add a few more quick and easy exercises, such as a simple heel lift, with your hands on your hips, and the ball of your feet, and stair climbing, where you climb with one foot and then lower with the other, both.

do it 30 times and you will find that the stiff lower back that keeps you from playing golf will start to feel much better. The way you push the ball, well, with that you're on your own.

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