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The dangers of tobacco are even greater for women and children: experts

Health experts say that women who smoke are more likely to have a narrowing of the arteries that supply blood to the heart and to prevent cardiovascular problems.

In addition, a woman who inhales cigarettes smoked by her neighbor is just as vulnerable as the smoker.

A 2016 study of smokers in South Africa showed that 8% of men smoked more than 8% of women over the age of 15, but women were more likely to have tobacco-related problems than men.

Dr Sharon Nyatsanza, of the National Council Against Smoking (NCAS), said smoking was advertised as a practice by independent women and contributed to their well-being and obesity.

“The tobacco industry has developed a tobacco industry that appeals to women, and those tobacco companies are thinner. It is said that they do not have the same weight as regular cigarettes which leads one to think that there is no danger and in fact all cigarettes contain nicotine, so they are dangerous. Every cigarette contains nicotine, be it cigarettes, snuff, snuff or e-cigaratte, which is popular with young people, ”explains Dr Nyatsanza.

In women, smoking can lead to cervical or breast cancer.

The website smoke states that for women who start smoking at an early age the risk of smoking can lead to the risk of pregnancy, miscarriage or miscarriage, leading to amputation, premature births or stillbirths. Babies born to mothers who smoked during pregnancy, he said, are more likely to suffer from lung problems, asthma, rapid heartbeat, and rapid contractions.

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