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Don't Do This While Taking A Shower.

It is very simple medically if you look at it because in the shower our body works differently according to external factors, so here are some common mistakes that people do while taking a shower.

1. Taking a shower after eating food

Enjoying a shower just after you finished your meal can hamper your digestion, when we eat food our stomach heat should be sufficient so the body can absorb and assimilate the maximum out of that food we ate. However, when we take a shower this process's heat is reduced and makes our digestion poor, you must have at least 2 hours gap between a meal and shower.

2. Bathing in a hot shower

Some of us love bathing with hot water during winter but remember that hot water can dry your skin and also cause hair loss. When your skin becomes dry it leads to itchiness or being scratchy, but it's not only this because hot water increases blood pressure. Hight blood pressure caused by hot water can result in hypertension and heart problems, you should try by all means to avoid bathing or showering with hot water. But which temperature of bathing or showering water is suitable for your health? we should take water at room temperature or slightly warm water, warm water is recommended in the winter season. Taking bath in room temperature water boost your energy level and boosts your immunity.

3. Taking a long bath or shower

This one is a big problem, again this causes dryness to the skin and scalp. Maximum time spent in a bath or shower should be 10 minutes, water can supersaturate your skin causing your skin to break down and this also weakens your hair follicles. However, because these factors have long time effects, it is not easy to stop their damages.


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