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A lady who is HIV positive reveals a secret behind her baby daddy remaining HIV negative

A lady who goes by the user name of Minister of HIV is an HIV activist, and she left people amazed after she shared some informative information about her HIV status. This lady revealed that she and her partner have kids, but even though she is HIV positive her partner will remain negative for these reasons.

This lady shared why her partner will remain HIV negative even though she is HIV positive "My partner and I managed to have kids without me infecting him, I am on arvs and my viral load is undetectable. Meaning I can't infect him for as long I'm virally suppressed he will remain HIV negative" Revealed this lady who called herself the Minister of HIV. People were left quite impressed with her informative information because many people had absolutely no idea about what she shared "This is an info I had no idea about" said a Twitter user. "Keep educating others, you are doing a wonderful job," said another Twitter user who was grateful for this information. Some people were saying that the department of health must work with this lady "A radio tour will be helpful with this kind of info sponsored by the department of health" said a Twitter user.

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