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Doctor's life may be in danger after what she said about the vaccine

The doctor states in the video, which has been viewed by over 50 000 people, that "the risk of the vaccine is worse than the risk of the virus" and that Covid-19 sickness is the first medical ailment to be "predominantly mismanaged... by politicians, bureaucrats, and academics."

According to her, the disease is "fueled by the media's continuous scaremongering." She went on to say that the vaccine's composition is closely linked to a trade secret: "Just like the KFC recipe, it is banned to reveal how the vaccine is created with anyone." She questions why only a few businesses in other countries are allowed to mix the vaccine. Furthermore, no safety data on the immunizations is available, according to the doctor. Other unintended consequences of the Covid-19 immunization, according to Doctor Vosloo, include death, serious neurological problems, and infertility. People are not informed about this critical information, she claims, and are instead forced to take the vaccination, which is a significant infringement of their rights.

Many South Africans now believe the doctor's life is in jeopardy as a result of what she stated. This doctor is unafraid to share "secrets" regarding the vaccination, something the government does not appreciate. Because a complaint is being filed against her, the outcome might be life-changing.



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