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If you thought you are having a bad day just wait until you see what these people are going through

Having a bad day can differ from one experience to another. What you consider a bad day might just look like a normal day for someone else but some will see that indeed it is a bad day.

We have in this article compiled a list of pictures of people who are not having it easy. Having one of those days where you just wish that you can just disappear and come back when everything is up and going again.

That is snow right by the driver's seat. There is no way he can try to risk it and drive with that snow. It's either they wait for it to melt down or they make a plan fast.

Mmmm mmm...was someone washing the chicken?

Now she will have to go to bed hungry because all the pizza is now on the floor.

The owner of that small car is having a nightmare in daylight.

You don't want to find yourself in this position in your life.

This is a hazard that needs serious attention.

This is quite bad. We just hope that they were able to heal after that incident.

Having a paint spill is not nice and it can be even worse.

When they say close call, this is what they mean.


This is bad parenting 101. How did that child get up to that high without anybody noticing?

Just wonder how that car got there in the first place. Just hope that there was no one in that car.

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