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Is Milk Really Healthy For Your Child? Here Are The Disadvantages You Might Not Know

Milk is amongst the most decorated healthy drinks that people can have. This is because it contains large amount of calcium which is good for our bones, and it is also reach in protein. But there are some cautious that you need to take before you give you child cow's milk so that they can be safe

Disadvantages of milk in children

1. Allergies

This might not be a problem to many children, but it is a caution worth noting, some children are allergic to the protein that is found in cow's milk and as a result they might get sick. The symptoms of a child who is allergic to cow's milk includes diarrhea, hives and wheezing. If your child develops these symptoms after drinking or eating anything with milk, stop giving your child cow's until you get approval from a doctor

2. Intestines bleeding

pediatricians don't recommend that you give your child cow's milk when they are less than a year old. This is because it can cause bleeding from the intestines which can cause iron deficiency anemia. If your child is less than a year, you might want to stay on your baby formula and breast feeding, stay away from cow's milk

3. Heart disease

For this one you will have to check on your family heart disease history, if your family has a high chance of getting heart attacks at an early age, you should avoid giving your child cow's milk. So does this mean they can't drink milk or eat food that has milk? The answer to that question is no, you can give them skim milk, it won't have an effect on them


Milk is still one of the healthiest food, it has more advantages than disadvantages, you just have to be cautious when you use it and also know you health condition to prevent allergies and other risks


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