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Benefits of weed you probably never knew

There are certain advantages to using marijuana for medical purposes. You might be wondering where to begin or want to know which strains are best for a specific disease. Some advantages are less well-known, but they might be useful when trying to get the most bang for your buck.


Marijuana can aid in the recovery of the brain after a concussion or other severe injury by reducing brain bruising and aiding in the healing process.


Marijuana may help some people reverse the carcinogenic consequences of tobacco by improving lung function and possibly lung capacity.


Anxiety sufferers said their anxiety levels had decreased and their mood had improved.


Cannabis has been shown in studies to reduce pain and inflammation, increase sleep, and aid people with rheumatoid arthritis relieve pain and discomfort.


People with PTSD who consume marijuana may feel less intense symptoms of fear and anxiety. Cannabinoids, which are comparable to THC, are naturally occurring compounds that assist regulate the mechanism that generates these effects in the body and brain.

6. Treatment for Hepatitis C should have fewer negative effects and be more effective.

The negative effects of treating hepatitis C infection are so severe that many people are unable to continue their therapy. Fatigue, nausea, muscle pains, loss of appetite, and depression are just a few of the side effects that might endure for months.

7.Assist in the elimination of nightmares

Because it involves both good and negative impacts, this is a bit tricky.

This, on the other hand, can be beneficial for persons who suffer from severe nightmares, particularly PTSD patients. Those similar stages of sleep are when nightmares and other dreams occur.

Many of those dreams may not arise if REM sleep is disrupted. In patients with PTSD, research utilizing a synthetic cannabinoid like THC demonstrated a reduction in the amount of nightmares. [11]

Marijuana may be a better sleep aid than some other drugs or even alcohol, as the latter two may have negative sleep effects, though further research is needed.

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