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Ramaphosa | The most powerful tool we have is vaccination

The most powerful tool we have is vaccination. Since the first COVID-19 vaccines became available late last year, we have seen how vaccines have dramatically reduced severe illness, hospitalisation and death in South Africa and across the world ~ Cyril RamaphosaYou have failed us as a country it's time for you to resign. You had enough time to strengthen our health care systems but instead you took the money and bought vaccines and now you want to make it mandatory. What happened to our rights, we no longer live in a democratic country? You could not sort out our matters concerning the 3rd wave relief fund, that was given to DSAC to distribute towards creative sector. Our companies lost a lot and ended up closing and you know this and you did nothing about it. We good as dead, why should we vaccinate for death honestly. We cannot move nor make a living die to your negligence. We will consider vaccinating when our companies are given the money, we not a risk right now only those who are working focus on them. The most powerful tool is to vaccinate? Yet, you sir, said in your speech tonight that the scientists are working to see whether the current vaccine, is effective against the new variant

Really whats with the vaccines they just cant accept the fact that we are strong, they keep trapping us, they forgot our faith's in God let us die in peace then. So Ramaphosa is a president who can't convince his own citizens to vaccinate now he wants to force them? I m starting to believe he bought the Nasrec conference the man has no legitimacy im sure he'll send soldiers to force all of us to vaccinate, we can't believe a president who has been telling us lies since 2018. Vaccine cannot be mandatory if it poses a risk of affecting one's health or even more claiming lives. The reason why people arent going for the second jab its because of the adverse reaction they have had on the 1st one. Fully vaccinated people are still dying from covid yet it is said that the vaccine reduces the risk of death. I've been asking this question since, if covid19 and all its variants are so contagious and dangerous and such a health risk, why is there no bio hazard bins or ways like in hospitals to disgard of used masks. They get thrown away in public bins, on the streets everywhere, people with the virus or working with covid patients worn them

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