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Your Killing yourself by eating these Acidic foods- Opinion

Many people have expressed gratitude to Lihle Rhadebe for providing them with spiritual information they were unaware of. Lihle publish on a daily basis on his Twitter account to enlighten others about their spiritual progress and well-being. Lihle Rhadebe's social media channels continue to grow in popularity as a result of his daily updates.

Rhadebe is a spiritual well-being expert who advises people on how to take care of themselves and feed their spiritual self. Rhadebe's Twitter account currently has 131k followers and he is one of the most followed young prophet on Twitter.

As is customary, the young prophet revealed that acidic food is killing people on his Twitter account. Lihle went on to say that people should eat alkaline electricity meals in order to have the best health benefits and a strong immune system.

People should quit eating acidic food, according to the young prophet, because it is killing them. He finished by adding that the reason you and your children are usually unwell is due to the dead food you are putting into your body. He is also enraged by the idea that parents are feeding their children the food. Here are the Alkaline and electricity food.

Lihle's follower commented that she used to wear a size 36 and now wears a size 32 after eating alkaline and staying active for 5 months.

Author opinion

That's according to Rhadebe visions not something that people should feel it's a must to do. Those who believe in him should follow his revelations and those who do not must feel pushed to do so.

Green vegetables are alkaline foods, while fruits high in vitamin C are electrical foods. A diagram depicting alkaline foods in various categories has been shared.

What are your opinions on the young prophet's revelation that people are being killed too much? Please leave your thoughts in the box below.

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