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Do You Eat Eggs Daily? This Will Happen To Your Body

Eggs are a healthy protein option that is versatile enough to be enjoyed as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. An egg also serves a snack. Eggs have no-sugar, no-carb, and therfore low in calories. Eggs are filling and can keep one full for longer. Below is the list of things that eggs do to your body. 

1. Improve liver function.

Each egg contains a healthy dose of choline, which helps increase one's metabolism, then transport vitamins and minerals, which improves liver function.

2. Helps you to eat less

Having eggs for breakfast helps one to eat less throughout the day. The high amount of protein places eggs high on the list of satiating foods.

3. Might reduce your risk of cancer

Choline is the same macronutrient that helps your liver to function, and might also reduce the risk of breast cancer in women, according to Women's Health. (Note: You'll find choline in the egg yolk, not the whites. So don't shy away from the whole eggs!)

4. For better muscles.

Eat few eggs after a workout to make muscle building easier on your body

5. Healthy hair, healthy skin

Eggs contain a B-complex vitamin called biotin. This vitamin helps your body metabolize fats and carbs for energy, and as a bonus it can improve your hair, nails and skin

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