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Here are simple ways you can try to deal with stress.

Stress is very brutal and can kill you slowly if you don't find a way of firstly reducing it the getting rid of it completely, this situation can be caused by many things which work against you.

For example you could be stressed because u have a huge exam around the corner and you have to focus on learning properly in order to pass it. This could trigger stress due to the worry and being anxious.

This situation will cause you to over think and your blood circulation will be tempered with. The good news is that there is more than one way to deal with stress.

Reading could be one of many stress relievers you can dwell on because it will keep your mind away from thinking about other things but what you will be reading about.

Physical activities like soccer, or sports in general could also help reduce stress in your life because this activity will keep your mind away from a negative focus.

Some use building blocks like Lego to relieve stress and most say it works wonders for them. So the best thing you can do is focus more on that activity which makes you happy.

That is your stress reliever.

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