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There's no shame for being HIV Positive : Tsepang Maboee

In South Africa in the past few years the stigma of being labelled when you are HIV Positive were uncontrollable but now everyone is free to talk about this chronic disease.

According to Tsepang Maboee post on her social media page FacebookSShe open up about her status of being HIV Positive and not ashamed of it.Friends and family shows and praise her for being so powerful and mostly beautiful as she is not afraid to disclose her status.

There's a life after being HIV Positive and you can live longer if you take medication accordingly.Healthy lifestyle like practising safe sex can also helps to live longer.

The rapid growth of unemployment rate can also have a negative impact in terms of getting healthy food in order to balance diet such as nutritional food are expensive if you are unemployed.

Therefore we are grateful because our government especially Department of Health able to supply with relevant medication.

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