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Do not mix alcohol it made him swim on the mud in Limpopo

December vibes pre-party has more energetic people than ever before, it was alleged and confirmed that it was after a taking the jab went he went crazy like a drunk person who had overdose alcohol meanwhile he had only one glass of black label.

It time for pens down party, yesterday was held by young people in Limpopo celebrating that they are done writing their last matric paper. They are now free from high school stress.

The celebration went wrong last night yet again the young boy wasn't really drunk but the jab got him more intoxicated, people should avoid alcohol after taking the vaccine.

It tends to affect their immune system and make the hyper, to avoid this drink alcohol a week after the jab.

The vaccine is not bad, this is not meant to build doubt but for people to be aware that after vaccination people should be careful of what they consume for their own health and to make sure that this doesn't happen to anyone else.

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