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A New Virus Has Been Detected In China With 35 People Already Infected

Viruses and diseases are not things of the present. They have been in existence for centuries and centuries, and with each century new viruses are discovered. It is known that there are good and bad viruses. These are things that we will continue to live with in society and more and more will be discovered as time goes by. But many of these viruses that have been discovered have been the cause of many deaths amongst living things, especially humanity. And this is why every wireless or disease that has killed millions of people has been declared a pandemic.

Just like the current one that the world is still trying to get to an end, the healthcare system has been working at its hardest and the pharmaceutical companies have created vaccines in order to help people so that the contraction of this virus can be prevented and, in that way, maybe the coronavirus can become a thing of the past. When it was reported that it had been detected in China, the world declared it a pandemic, which travelled from continent to continent, and eventually many people in all the countries in the world were affected by the coronavirus, and this has led to thousands of people losing their lives and some of those infected still dealing with the after effects.

Another new virus has been detected in China and, according to reports, this one is just as fatal as the virus called the Langya virus. And already 35 people have been affected by this virus in China. According to other reports, the people who have been affected by this virus are said to have been in contact with animals, but fortunately the people who have been infected have not suffered serious illness. Some of the symptoms of this virus include fever, headache, and cough.

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