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Declined covid-19 vaccines? Authorities may impose fines to you. Here are penalties

Covid-19 is the biggest problem in our world right now, Authorities were left with no choice but to impose this fine on unvaccinated people.

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People who are not vaccinated are dangerous to the community as they can spread the Covid-19 virus faster than vaccinated. Unvaccinated people will cause too much conflict at hospitals and public places.

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Our country has asked people so nice to take their jab but people turned a black eye on it, authorities are now left with no other choice but to impose a fine on unvaccinated people. The penalties range from fines and restricting access to public places too threatening the loss of priority access to vaccines.

Indonesia has said authorities may impose fines on residents who refuse to get their covid-19 vaccine. The capital, Jakarta, has threatened fines up to $356 to more than a month's salary on average. According to the country's per capita gross domestic product.

Many countries have adopted the method now of making this covid-19 vaccine compulsory, failure to vaccinate at the right time you will face penalties. This was the only product people because they're busy debating the vaccine forgetting that their lives are in danger, not only their lives but also the lives of innocent people close to them.

Countries like Brazil, China, Mexico, Canada, and Italy are already considering the method, and many people have been vaccinated so far. African countries are still down with vaccinated people read is time they meet and agree with this method.

Our economy is down at the moment, many places are not operating properly some are closed, places like stadiums, beaches, and taverns are breathing badly in this situation and there must be something done with it. People will never stop talking and they will always have the points that prevent them from taking this vaccine, but now is time our government makes this vaccine compulsory.

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