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"22 years living with HIV" you can't tell that someone is HIV positive based on their appearance

HIV and AIDS are both incurable but controllable diseases, and they are no longer as deadly as they were in their earlier days. In the 1990s and early 2000s, being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS was viewed as a death sentence; it implied that the quality of life would be diminished, and that persons with the disease would not live long or would be unwell all of the time.

All of that has changed because of the power of research, medical knowledge, and modern technology. Scientists and doctors have developed ARVs, which are medications that are used to manage the disease. This medication is available in the form of tablets, which HIV positive individuals must take once a day.

Many lives were lost as a result of this virus prior to the development of ARVs. ARVs may not be able to cure the virus, but they can suppress it to the point where it no longer has any power. ARVs have made patients' lives a lot easier, and they now have a better chance of living a healthy and normal life.

Twitter user @MMancobeni shared that she was diagnosed with HIV 22 years ago, and that she is still healthy and robust today, 22 years after being diagnosed with HIV. She had been raped and, regrettably, became infected with the virus as a result.

Furthermore, she stated on her Twitter page that a person's appearance alone cannot be used to determine whether or not they are HIV positive; nevertheless, if they follow their treatment regimen appropriately and consistently, their chances of becoming constantly ill are reduced.

She is undergoing treatment, and 22 years later, she is still healthy and powerful, thanks to the treatment.

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