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5 Bad Toilet Habits People Practice Every Day That Cause Health Problems

People use restrooms on a daily basis for a variety of reasons. The toilet is normally found in a bathroom, and its primary function is bathing, pooping, and urinating.

According to studies, a toilet bowl contains approximately 3.2 million bacteria that might create health issues if they come into contact with humans.

Many people have many terrible toilet habits that can spread germs and cause ailments like stomach distress, among other things.

Here are five bad habits that people have in the bathroom that might lead to health issues.

1. Brushing Your Teeth In The Toilet: Because most toilets and bathrooms are connected, many people brush their teeth in the toilet.

Instead of taking their toothbrushes from the toilet after brushing their teeth, they leave them in the toilet, exposing them to germs and bacteria such as E.Coli.

2. Carrying Your Phone To The Bathroom: Many people, particularly young people, have developed the undesirable habit of taking their phones to the bathroom with them. According to some experts, those who take their phones to the bathroom with them carry thousands of germs on their phones.

Taking your phone to the bathroom exposes it to a variety of bacteria that can be transmitted to the body and cause disease.

3. Sitting on the Toilet for More Than 15 Minutes: Some people enjoy sitting on the toilet so much that they spend up to 15 minutes or more there.

According to studies, sitting on the toilet for up to 15 minutes is harmful to one's health since it puts extra strain on the veins, which can lead to hemorrhoids, also known as piles.

4. Leaving Your Wet Towel In The Bathroom:

Many people leave their wet towels hanging in the bathroom after bathing, which is incorrect. The bathroom is frequently damp, making it an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

Leaving a damp towel in the bathroom exposes it to bacteria and wetness. Your towel may smell due to the wetness in the bathroom.

5. Leaving The Toilet Lid Open While Flushing: Toilet covers were designed with a purpose in mind. Unfortunately, many people flush their toilets with the lids open, which is unsanitary.

When you flush a toilet without covering it, the pressure of the water can force some of the toilet's invincible contents into the sink, your toothbrush, and your towel, exposing you to germs and illnesses.

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