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REVEALED: Everything to know about Nasty C's toe condition

As everyone probably knows by now, Nasty C revealed that the toe on his left foot doesn't look normal but rather it looks like the image, he's living with a condition called Polydactyly.

According to Nasty C, he was always born this way and has been shy and insecure most of his life to reveal his toe condition to the public.

Polydactyly is a genetic condition whereby someone, in this case Nasty C, is born with one or more extra toes. The condition affects toes most of the times, but sometimes can be found on the fingers whereby an individual can have 1 or more fingers.

Usually the extra fingers or toes are described as to be "supernumerary" which is a term that refers to something being "more than than the normal number"



01. Ulnar or postaxial polydactyly or small finger duplication

02. Radial or preaxial polydactyly or thumb duplication

03. Central polydactyly

Normally polydactyly doesn't affect the living condition of a human being, those who're affected still live a normal life without worrying much about their condition.

Depending on the type of Polydactyly, a range of treatment is available to treat this condition that's mostly caused by genetic factors.

YES Polydactyly is very curable, and the extra toe or finger may be removed by surgery which has a high success rate. Most of the times, those who're affected choose not to have the surgery at all.

Unfortunately, Polydactyly has a higher chance of being passed down in families. On top of that, the condition is also associated with a genetic syndrome, meaning that it can cause a change in a baby's genes while it's still within the womb, but that's a very rare case.


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