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A Hubbly Smoker Gets Diagnosed With Kidney Infection. A Warning to Hubbly Smokers.


17 October 2021

Report by T.Ximba

Hubbly is used by young people when they are having fun mostly at nightclubs. These young people tend to forget to actually do more research on the possible side effects of smoking hubbly for a long time as well as what are the possible infections that might be caused by the hubbly.

According to the small research I did, I discovered that hubbly contains about 36 times more tar and about times more carbon monoxide than the smoke of a single cigarette.

Hubbly has a few complications like lung function, such as chronic obstructive disease. It also has an increased risk of heart diseases such as heart disease and heart attack. In addition, to all these, it has an increased the risk of cancer, especially lung, throat, and mouth cancer. It may seem cool but it's not.

Those who have smoked will recall that they feel a little headache and dizzy after smoking. This is accompanied by some pain in the tummy. Well if you have experienced these, it means you have not smoked it too much and stop smoking it.

A lady who was infected with a kidney infection has stepped forward to confess these side effects.

"The past weeks weeks I was diagnosed with lung infection(pneumonia) when I was coughing I was feeling pain inside my tummy I don't know how the hell did the smoke end inside my tummy. Now I was admitted last night and diagnosed with a kidney infection but all I can is...

Hubbly smoke damage is a lot of things in your things in your stomach.. that thing is very dangerous. If you love it save yourself and stop smoking it... it can put your health at risk.

Over the past week, we witness ladies smoking through noses others through ears.

This article is meant to warn young people who are hubbly smoking more than recommended. The writer is based on entertainment but more light had to be shed on this as it concerns people's health.

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