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Vaccinated people are a bunch of angry, spiteful, vindictive people man breathes fire here is why

Vaccination is meant to bring the country back together and make it a better world to leave in so that people can go back to their normal life, but it seems like it's doing the opposite, instead of bringing people together it seems like it's tearing them apart. Social media is a place where people express their feelings when it comes to things that are happening in life in general.

If you want to know how people feel about things that are happening in this world go to social media you will understand everything because that's where a lot of people open up and talk without any fear.

Ever since this covid hit the world, people are sad and angry and they have a lot to say more especially after losing their loved ones. People are angry as they feel that their lives were put on hold, and they want their lives to get back to normal like it was before. And they have this belief that vaccines will make it possible and that can only happen if everyone and gets vaccinated.

But as we know that some people are against this vaccine as they've been rumors that this vaccine is dangerous and it is one of the reasons why some people are dying. As it's alleged that there are people who died after taking this vaccine but then again is not something they are sure about but they are just assuming.

A guy by the name of Sizwe on Twitter took to his social media account to share something about vaccinated people that got people talking, see below here is what he had to say.

And this has cursed a lot of anger to a lot of people in the workplaces more especially those who vaccinated, as people feel that ever since this vaccine started some people did vaccine and some people didn't vaccine and they think it's not fair, and this has cursed a lot of drama on social media as people had a lot to say about vaccinated people.

People who didn't vaccinate are saying people who vaccinated think they own the world, and this happened after a guy shared a post on Twitter expressing his feelings about people who vaccinated.

I understand the frustration of vaccinated people, they want things to get back to normal and they probably believe that by vaccinating things will get back to normal, but then again they don't understand why people are not going to vaccinate I guess that's the reason why they are so angry.

The world has been through a lot already but if we can stand together, by going to out clinics and vaccinate then things will get back to normal and we won't have angry vaccinated people at the workplace. People let's do the right thing we all want to live long but how can we live long if we don't do the right things, lets do the right thing if not for us then let's do it for our families and friends.


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