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Sangoma refuses to remove traditional beads at a restaurant and this happens.

A traditional healer shared her embarrassing experience at a restaurant on Twitter. She told him

"This morning, we went to a certain place for a breakfast buffet. When it was my turn to serve, a woman chef asked me to cover my beads because she doesn't like them. I said no. She asked me three times, but I turned her down every time. Then she got someone else to help me.

When my food came, I went back to my table and told my husband what had happened. My husband asked to see the manager, told them how upset he was, and told them the chef needed to apologize.

When the chef came, he asked her if she tells people of other faiths, like Muslims, to take off their hijabs and rosaries when she helps them. She said that she doesn't, and he left. My husband then told her how sad he was that she hated herself and reminded her that she is African and that she can't treat me in any way because I'm a traditional healer. She needs to get better, and she needs to say sorry. She said she was sorry, but she was shaking because my partner was so mad.

People who know him will agree with me that he is a very calm and nice person. I've never seen him so angry before, and the fact that he did all of that to protect me says a lot about who he is. I'm very lucky to have a partner who is so helpful. They are also people.


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