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Wearing a Mask has made us weak, A new Super Cold is allegedly infecting people.

Wearing a mask and social distancing have been regarded as good things since the onset of the Covid 19 Pandemic. They were necessary precautions that were encouraged to minimize the spread of the virus and protect people. However new information says that it may have had a negative effect of people and out them at risk of another virus.

We are more at risk to the cold :

According to reports coming out of the United Kingdom, a new Super Cold has been infecting people. This super cold is said to give you worse symptoms than a regular flu would. One person even claimed that it felt like they had chainsaws in their throat. At the moment their is no information that this cold is deadly or that it can even permanently harm people, as far we know it's only as dangerous as a regular cold. So what's causing it.

Scientists suggest that the fact that it's a super cold is unlikely. According to them, this may just be a regular cold that peoples immune systems are finding it hard to fight off. According to scientists, wearing masks and social distancing for the past few months have made our immune systems less effective against colds. Meaning that we will feel that symptoms of them much more than we normally do. This leaves us with a few implications.

The implications of this :

While wearing a mask and social distancing has left us less immune to the cold, it doesn't mean that we should stop wearing them. Covid 19 is much more of a threat and we should continue to observe all the precautions we currently are. As off now, the alleged super cold doesn't seem like it's very danger. What do you think of these observations. Tell us in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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