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I was a drug addicted prostitute

A woman went to Twitter to share the story of how she turned around. She stated:

"I was a heavy drug addicted, half dead prostitute. I'm going to say that I was on powder cocaine from the age of 15 until I turned 37. Somebody do the math please. Yes, the number is correct, 23 years. God is good and always makes a way. I have now been clean for 3 years and not looking back".

The woman revealed that it was very hard for her to get out from her previous lifestyle and she is grateful. She says she likes to talk about her experiences and her journey because it might help others.

For someone to be able to stop taking coccaine is truly amazing. Coccaine is an extremely addictive drug and it's almost impossible to stop it on your own. This is because it has serious withdrawal symptoms which include depression, anxiety, increased hunger, chills, nerve pain and nightmares.

Another bad thing is there is simply no medication to stop taking the drug. This means a person will need to enter rehab where they will endure those withdrawals with the help of therapists.

Horrible. Probably best to not start at all.

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