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Mental illness it can not be prevented but you can control it, this is how.... | Opinion

Mental illness is often over looked ,it hides behind make up ,a charming smile , behind the pulpit ,behind praise team, in the boardroom but is the most sickness that's has made many poeple to commit. suicide it causes depression it's lead made many to found comfort in alcohol,it Affects how one see life your mood thinking and behavior.

Mental illness can make you miserable cause you to have problems in your daily life.such at school work or andabuse relationship. in most cases one can deal with it if you go through therapy. Mental sickness makes you feel like your alone and nobody cares and that there is no solution to your problem .it's ok your not alone your are visible you will get through this.

Signs of Mental illness

Significant of tiredness Low energy or problem on sleeping,trouble understanding and relating situation ans people problem with drug abuse.exessive Anger hostility or violence.feelinf said or down to name the few.

How to Prevent mental illness

though it can not be prevented but you can control it to increase your resilience and boost your self esteem may help keep your mind symptoms understand control.

Its very important to pay attention to the signs check what trigger the symptoms you can let your doctor or therapist help you With your journey let know the family member you trust what your going through. It can be hard to trust but when you have support the journey becomes easier take care of your self sufficient sleep, healthy eating , physical activity it's very important try to maintain regular schedule.

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