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Parade protest


New variant lined up waiting for date of release by world health organization

vaccine mandates are not an option. They will not work in the long run. They have proven not to work and there has to be alternatives to it, but the powers that be will not see it or consider it.

Vaccine Mandate protests going on all over the world & 'Boom' a new variant right on que. The vaccines don't stop transmission regardless so there's no argument its for the protection of others.

Forced medication should horrify everyone,unless we're all happy in a dictatorship.

Vaccines don’t provide immunity, You can still contract covid after vaccines, you can still transmit the virus after vaccines, Youmay still die after taking vaccines, You must wear a must after vaccines, you must still social distance.

Vaccine Mandate has not only divided the society into two class, but also crushed unvaccinated people basic human rights to live under any state government controlled area. So where can these people go. Stop dictator how people choose their health care

I'm not anti-vaccines. By no doubt do save A LOT of lives. But the Vaccine Mandate's & 2G need to be re-evaluated. QR codes are becoming extremely counterproductive. They bring forward the false notion that vaccines only are enough. They aren't (alone).

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