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Mzansi Astonished Over Recent COVID Stats

It seems as if the latest covid-19 starting are decreasing every day. People are starting to get suspicious as the numbers have suddenly dropped when the government elections are around the corner.

People are asking themselves why the covid-19 statistics are suddenly showing a drastic drop?

Some are suspecting that this could be because there are upcoming government elections and for that reason, the government needs to ensure that it is safe for people to go out and vote. 

People are saying that the covid-19 statistics are now manipulated to make people believe it is safe to go out and vote since it cannot be safe when the number of infections is spiking. 

Please note that this article piece is based on people's opinions and what is being generally discussed among citizens. 

What's your take on this matter? Feel free to share your views below in the comment section and please do follow @Sum_Kay for more news and updates. 

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Mzansi Sum_Kay


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