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OPINION | Lock Down Level 4 From 1st December, Alcohol Sale Ban, Curfew, and Deployed Military

Bkack Media 21 November 2021.

South Africa has been doing well in its fight against the coronavirus in recent weeks. From the election until last week, we received the fewest number of daily cases. This might be because individuals have become accustomed to wearing masks and taking all preventive steps. One of the most important factors that must be progressively added to the daily low incidence of coronavirus is that individuals are being vaccinated in big numbers on a daily basis.

However, during the holiday season last year, our country was placed under extreme lockdown due to the high number of new cases (nearly a thousand per day). This large rise is due to how people move from one region to another over the holiday season. Those who were away from their home province for job or other reasons had to return home to their family.

With all of the above knowledge, I have a proposal for what to do this holiday season to avoid what happened last year.

Ramaphosa should impose lockdown level 4 from December 1st to December 4th to prevent people from spreading the illness since they tend to disregard any preventive measures.

Because inebriated individuals do not respect the laws, the selling of alcohol should be prohibited. Interprovincial travel should be prohibited since the more we move from one province to the next, the more the virus spreads.

The administration must also deploy the military so that collaboration and discipline can be enforced on the ground. By doing so, this holiday season will not result in a rise in new instances, but will instead aid in the reduction of existing cases. As you can see, the number of bogus cases is growing every day as the holiday season approaches. See below for yesterday's stats:

What are your opinions on the subject? Do you feel that by applying my suggestions, we will be able to go through December without a steady increase in new cases? Leave a comment below.

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