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People fear for their lives after seeing vaccines side effects. Check the last one

The whole world is attacked by covid-19, this monster virus doesn't choose whether you are rich, poor, white, colored, black, old, or small. Covid-19 need got no preference, it attacks everyone as long as it gets a chance.


Thousands of people are six feet down now because of this killer virus, some they are laying in hospital beds at this moment fighting for their lives. Our scientists tried to come with the solution of saving the lives of people by implementing vaccines that will boost our system to fight this virus.

It is set that most vaccinated people have a chance of surviving when this virus attacks them, only a few survive if this virus attacks them and they are not vaccinated.

Everyone was encouraged to take their jab, people were out with numbers to get their vaccinated, only to find these vaccine side effects when they reach vaccinations side. Not knowing if these side effects are true or false, we call upon those who have more experience in this thing to help our people with these side effects. The picture is trending all over and people are taking two steps back from this vaccination thing.

Our government must be honest with us, because they tell people that there are no side effects of the vaccine while there are other people out there those experience bad side effects from this vaccine. This is our lives and if they are truly willing to help us, they must tell us true so we get into it knowing what may happen.

If you are vaccinated can you please share your experiences of vaccine side effects?

If you are not vaccinated, what are your reasons and how do you feel about this matter?

Your thoughts can help many people, we will highly appreciate them.

In the meantime we can lift our heads and call upon our heavenly father for our rescue, maybe it's about time we accept that we are not smart enough to defeat this virus on our own and we seek God's help.

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