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He Posted For the 1st Time After Admitting Himself Into A Mental Clinic & Here's What Mzansi Said.

Date || 04 December 2021

Source || Twitter


Source || Instagram


Taking care of ourselves is vital and this includes taking care of our physical health, mental health and our wellbeing in general. So, therefore, we have to find ways to this and some of the best ways so far are going to places where they help with in terms of taking care of ourselves wholeheartedly. 

These are places such a massage parlors where they help us relax and rest our bodies, institutions that deal with mental health so that we can try to deal with some of the things that we go through in life. One person who not long ago admitted himself into a mental health clinic as he felt like he wasn't coping anymore is Lasizwe. Lasizwe is a famous Youtuber and Influencer and since his life is always in the public eye, he, therefore, has to take breaks from his own life. Admitting himself into the mental health clinic was, therefore, his way of taking a break from his busy and most probably hectic life.

Photo credit: Instagram

Now, it seems like the Youtuber is out of the mental health clinic as he's back to doing regular life things. Not long ago, he posted a couple of pictures of himself on his Twitter account and in his caption, he wrote, "Knock knock, can I come in?". People were, however, not impressed with his caption or with him as in the comments, people kept on saying that he can only come in if he addressed what happened with the R2 Million he raised to pay student fees.

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit:Twitter

A few years back, Lasizwe had raised some money, R2 Million to be exact to help students cover their fees but the nothing was ever said on what happened with it. So ever since then, people have been demanding answers on what happened to the money. That's why almost everytime Lasizwe posts something, people always rush to the comments section to ask what happened to the R2 Million. 

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

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