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Purple Corn Can Prevent Diabetes, Hypertension, and Obesity, Experts Say

Purple Corn is one of those unique sights that will make you wonder at the marvelous things that exist in the world. Unlike their more common counterpart — the yellow corn, purple corns hold spectacular wonders when it comes to their nutritional benefits. Their ability to lower blood pressure is just one of them.

Purple Corn, also known as Maiz Morado, is native to Peru, which is applied in numerous recipes. The most popular way to use purple Corn in Peru is to make it into "Chicha Morada", an alias purple corn drink sold in classy restaurants and even on the street!

Purple corn is grown from low coastal valleys to the high Andes mountains of Peru. All varieties of purple corn originated from the line Zea Mays L. and are still cultivated in Peru where they are praised for their ability to lower blood pressure significantly.

Peruvians even advise that people with hypotension stay away from purple corns. This belief is now backed by scientific reports that the health benefits of purple corn are not limited to its effect on hypertension. Others include its:

Powerful antioxidant action

Cancer-fighting properties

Anti-inflammatory properties

Regulation of the function of fat cells, preventing the accumulation of fat, and controlling obesity

Regulation of insulin and preventing diabetes

Promoting regeneration of connective tissue and formation of collagen

Ability to protect cells from damage by free radicals

Ability to lower cholesterol levels

Detoxification properties

Scientists accrue some of the purple corn's fantastic benefits to its intense purple pigment, a result of the phytochemical anthocyanin, one of many plant chemicals known as flavonoids.

Purple corn may be hard to find in your area, but fortunately, it is available on Amazon; you can purchase purple corn on the cob, purple corn kernels, purple corn powder, and even purple corn extract! How cool is that?


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