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She wasted a good cappuccino on the dead with her four ancestors, Twitter argues.

It seems that not everyone appreciates as people show off their religious as we living in South Africa where we all have the freedom of speech it seems like other people are using it to weigh others down. It was a nice day as a lady a Sangoma to be precise she posted on twitter to show off her tea date with her ancestors and some people on the comments where busy calling them the underground gang. The name seems to be an upgrade of what ancestors are called now, and to her they are still her ancestors because on the post she wrote ancestors.

The disrespect was too much as some even added that its a waste of tea since no one drank it and it means she just threw it away. Here are the pictures of her with the teas that no one was drinking.

There are 5 cups on the towel and that means the fifth one is hers and that means she has four ancestors as it seems twitter people are busy with numbers.

Everyone is allowed to choose their religion and which belief they would want to pursue their life through and this lady chose her path, to dine with her ancestors and to take a swim with the water spirits that was her choice. Here is a post to show what she wrote and the pictures she posted having a calm swim.

Such a beautiful sangoma she is and she did not deserve what the comments were about here is what people commented on the photos.

Source: Twitter social media platform

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