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Reasons why you should avoid skipping meals

Losing weight is a struggle to thousands of people around the world, the idea of skipping meals with the effort of trying to lose weight may have crossed the minds of many people.

Food helps to power every system in our bodies, which means that every part of the body is impacted when we skip a meal. Skipping meals may be a simple and quick way to lose weight but it is not safe.

Here are some of the reasons why you should not skip meals:

1. Anxiety

Not eating well or going for too long without a meal could have a serious impact on your mental health.

The results of this, blood sugar may take a dip, leading the body to start producing cortisol which is referred to as the "stress hormone". This can lead a person into feeling anxious or depressed and also irritable.

2. Energy levels may drop

The body needs energy to function well and for a person to be able to do their daily activities. Skipping a meals means fewer calories for the body to run on, which may leave a person dragging.

3. You could lose touch with your hunger and fullness

Bodies have hunger and fullness cues, using hormones. These hormones can be easily thrown off if you don't listen to them.

4. You could develop strong food cravings

Skipping meals could come invite some serious cravings, more especially for sugar and carbs.

5. Risk for nutrient deficiencies

Food comes with different types of nutrients that the body needs, skipping meals means depriving your body of the nutrients that food offers.

6. Digestion could become irregular

Skipping meals could lead to both nausea and diarrhea and one could become constipated.

7. Higher risk for an eating disorder

People who skip meals are at higher risk of developing an eating disorder.

8. Eating could become less enjoyable

Enjoying eating is very important, this is why people have taste buds. Food is a need but it should be enjoyable as well.

Skipping meals could make it feel like a chore and less enjoyable.


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