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A funeral parlor drives a truck written “Don’t Get Vaccinated” has got people talking


The world has been trying to fight the COVID-19 pandemic which has been nothing but deadly. Different countries are working around the clock to make sure that they flatten the curb of the virus, hence they’ve implemented health measures in place to make sure that this occurs as planned. People have been told to wear their masks, wash and sanitize their hands and maintain a social distance from each other. The world is still trying to study the virus in a way that they can reach a point whereby they end it completely. Worldwide there have been 6 002 833 519 total doses given, this shows an increase of 21 339 415 from the previous day. It is believed that there are about 2 519 101 512 people that have been fully vaccinated worldwide and this is just 32.4% of the population.

The recent worldwide COVID-19 reports stated that there are about 219 456 675 total cases, with 4 547 782 deaths. What has been seen as the better way to decrease these horrible statistics is getting people vaccinated. However, people have mixed emotions when it comes to vaccines, as some are for it, meanwhile, others feel that it’s not the proper solution for the Coronavirus. The recent numbers have shown that there has been hesitancy from people towards getting the vaccine, which has been a major concern for different health institutions. Hence many pro-vaxxers have been working hard to spread awareness about vaccination. As the roll-out of the vaccine hasn’t been spot on over the past couple of days. 

Now, there has been a truck that was spotted making rounds within the Bank of America Stadium which caught a lot of people’s attention. What was written in the large letter has caused conversations on social media, as there was a mixed reaction to it? If you’re wondering what was written on the truck, it read “Don’t get vaccinated". This has made a lot of anti-vaxxers excited, as they felt that it was about time that someone support them and their findings of the vaccines. However, the message was from Wilmore Funeral Home. This occurred in Charlotte, North Carolina, whereby it’s believed that it was meant to push people into getting a vaccination. Since many funeral parlors are overwhelmed and they’re calling for people to protect themselves with a vaccine if they don’t want to find themselves in mortuaries. Another missing part of the message was “Get Vaccinated Now, If not, see you soon” and this was found on their website.

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Date: 22/09/2021

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