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Here's what happens when you burn "impepho"- [OPINION]

Impepho is an indigenous African plant that, once dried, is burnt in order to communicate with one's ancestors. Impepho is well-known to the majority of Sub Saharan Africans as it is used to communicate with their ancestors and it is also used by traditional healers to communicate with the deceased.

impepho the incense is used for spiritual purposes, impepho does not chase evil spirits away, but the presence of your ancestors spirits is the one that chases off evil spirits from the space you are in, because an incense brings ancestors spirits to be around your room.

when you burn an incense, its smoke goes to the atmosphere of the room and it communicates with unseen spirits to join you, that means all the bad spirits will go away at that moment, but when the smoke of the incense has gone out of the room's atmosphere, the bad spirits and all other spirits will come back again.

So it is beneficial and also important to burn an incense.

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African Impepho


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