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Afriforum is against any plans of making vaccines mandatory.

As it stands the ICYMI- Rightwing AfriForum has stated how it'll oppose any plans to make vaccines mandatory. The civil society group says government shouldn't be allowed to coerce people into taking the vaccine.

Meanwhile Mdluli asked a very controversial question saying “When did you guys ever cared about protecting African lives. Every year Africans die from malaria, HIV, wars,flu and many other things. Come 2020 and mass media and WHO talk Corona then now you want to preserve life. Whose exactly if not your own”

However there are some people who are viewing this matter in a different way Ibrahim Mabata tweeted “We should remember that people who are against lockdown and vaccine is black and white in this case,so Afriforum is fighting for white people not black people but issues affecting black people they will never stand up and say something”

Unfortunately ANC messed up so much to the extent that people trust a Right-wing AfriForum to have their interests at heart!What people don’t consider is that these are privileged people who will get treatment from private hospitals when they get COVID.Wake up people, get the jab.

What are your thoughts fellas?

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