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Touching, After failure to donate kidney to son with similar condition, Here Is What Happed.

A KZN mom has offered up a kidney to save her son's life. In the year 2020, Shaun Phelan was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. The procedure is scheduled for next month. One of the kidneys of a KwaZulu-Natal schoolteacher will be donated to her 23-year-old son, who suffers from chronic renal failure.

Sharon Phelan said her husband was diagnosed with chronic renal disease in January 2020, and doctors discovered her son Shaun had only 4% kidney function three months later. In October of last year, her spouse died of kidney failure since he was ineligible for a kidney transplant due to his health issues.

I tested to see whether I was a match since I knew he'd be on the transplant list for a long time and I wanted him to have an option. Hearing that her son and her spouse of almost 24 years were facing similar challenges was tremendously tough for the family, according to Phelan.

It was heartbreaking for her to witness her diabetic husband, who was always active, undergo a bypass, then dialysis, before becoming entirely reliant on a wheelchair. COvid-19: Masks must be worn until the government declares otherwise

Then Shaun became ill, which was a huge surprise because he had always been healthy, she continued. Shaun is determined to overcome his illness and is completely focused on his health in the absence of his father, whom he adored. He now does dialysis three times a week for up to six hours each time "Phelan stated.

Determined to see that her kid was no longer in pain, Sharon was delighted to find that she was a perfect match for Shaun after undergoing blood type, crossmatch, and tissue testing. Next month, Shaun Phelan will have a kidney transplant.


I'm glad I'm a match for my son since it means he can get the transplant sooner rather than waiting for a match to be discovered." "I hope the transplant goes well so he may continue living his goal and not be held back," she said.

I truly want my son to be able to finish his education and get his diploma. His father was quite proud of him and wished for him to complete his education. Knowing that he has a better quality of life and has these chances accessible to him would bring me enormous relief.

Shaun will have his kidney transplant next month at Netcare St Augustine's Hospital. He said:

Mom is a miracle, and I'm so grateful and relieved that I can now begin to live a life with new meaning. I'm looking forward to having the operation since it will improve my quality of life. No words can explain how profoundly grateful I am to my mum for giving me a kidney without even hesitating to offer me one of hers, Shaun remarked.

The KwaZulu-Natal family was also affected by the recent floods, which killed more than 400 lives, and they expressed their gratitude for surviving unscathed.

My daughter and I were at home when we heard an odd noise outside the house at 22:30. We had to investigate the sounds because there was no electricity owing to an electrical fault in the vicinity "Phelane stated. Concerned that the home will fall down the hill'. She stated her daughter peered out the window with a torch and saw the bank outside the house had completely eroded.

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