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How To Gain Weight The Healthiest Way

Gaining weight the healthy way in all the right places requires consistency,commitment and discipline.The process of weight gain is not as simple as eating three full meals a day,it takes a little more than that.Here are some of the ways that could help you achieve your desired weight goal..

•Eat.This may sound obvious but i had to emphasis it because your body needs certain types of foods inorder to gain.Foods high in calories and healthy fats are highly recommended for people trying to gain weight,Remember that you are what you eat

•If what you've been putting in your body hasn't given you the results you were hoping for then it's time for you to switch sides

•It is not about how many times you eat per day but what you eat that counts

Here are some few examples of foods high in calorie

•Whole grains


•Brown rice



•Peanut butter

•Full-fat yogurt

Examples of healthy fat foods

•Dark chocolate





•Olive oil


2)Exercise.You don't need a gym membership for this,you can simply workout from home

•Exercising is important as it'll help you gain muscles which in turn lead to body weight gain

•You have to becareful of the exercises you choose to do as the goal is to gain weight not the opposite

Here are few exercises you can do



•Abdominal exercises

•These exercises can help you build muscles and shape your body.No equipment needed,you can do this 3 times a week at home

•Drink water.When you workout you loose excessive amounts of water through sweating,It is important to stay hydrated by drinking enough water before and after you work out

•Avoid Overthinking.Stress can make it difficult for you to gain weight

•Stay Consistent.It is vital to stick to your diet plan and routine to achieve your goal.

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