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Why You Shouldn't Pee In The Shower

People do a lot of things in their showers : washing their hair,shaving their legs or sometimes even peeing.

One doctor though has warned against such action,and it's not only because it is considered a bad habit. Dr Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas, a doctor of physical therapy from Boston,USA said that people shouldn't pee in the shower as it can train one's brain to associate the sounds of running water with urinating.Dr Alicia said that the bladder relies on signals it gets from both the stretch of the bladder and the bladder walls as it fills,as well as signals from the brain to let it know when to hold the pee in.

"We want to avoid training our bladder to associate certain signals with the urge to pee.In this case,peeing in the shower associates the sound of running water with urination or with submersion in water", she said to BuzzFeed.

It is also highlighted that peeing just in case can also lead to long term effects as it sensitises the bladder to give signals of fullness at lower volumes.The bladder won't necessarily become smaller in size,but it's functionality will in turn become smaller meaning frequent trips to the bathroom.

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